What are the water park facilities?

What are the water park facilities?

Water park facilities generally only appear in water theme parks. Generally, it is necessary to first go from the stairs to the operating platform of ten to twenty meters, and then slide down by its own force. Common water park facilities can be divided into water slides, artificial wave-making systems, circulating river equipment, water play sketches, water houses, etc.

  1. Water slide

Water slides can be combined according to needs. At present, the more common family small horn slides, family small cupola slides, big horn slides, rainbow competition slides, spiral combination slides, double cupolas slides, family combination slides, barrel sled slides, Giant swing slides, water dragon slides, wave slides, high-speed combined slides, sky-rotating slides, etc.

  2. Artificial wave system

The wave-making equipment can simulate the ups and downs of sea waves. At present, there are mainly two types of vacuum wave-making equipment and pneumatic wave-making equipment.

  3. Circulation River Equipment

Drifting rivers can be divided into tidal rafting rivers and circulating rivers according to water flow speed and flow.

  4. Playing in the water

Adopt a variety of cute cartoon shapes to produce water spray effects, and there are also interactive water amusement facilities that can be used as auxiliary equipment for the children’s pool in the water park. It is also a landscape decoration, adding a lively and interesting atmosphere, such as pirate ships, water spray shells, Apple house, water spray flower vine, rain mushroom, rainbow door, octopus slide, water spray seesaw, etc.

  5. Water house The

water house is a multi-functional interactive entertainment equipment such as water slides, children’s water play sketches, giant tipping buckets, and theme sculpture packaging. Guangzhou Lanchao Water Park Equipment Company can provide a large water house with an area of 1,700 square meters.