Water slide equipment regulations

The water slides and artificial wave-making equipment in the water park equipment belong to large-scale amusement facilities. The equipment must be notified to the municipal technical supervision bureau before the equipment is installed. After the installation is completed, it can be put into use after being inspected by the Provincial Special Equipment Inspection Institute. The site has passed the inspection, and the equipment will be delivered to use as soon as possible.

1. Lightning protection devices should be installed for amusement facilities with a height greater than 15m. Round steel and flat steel should be used for the down conductor. The diameter of the round steel is not less than 8mm, the cross section of the flat steel is not less than 48mm, and the thickness is not less than 4mm. The down conductor should be at a distance from the ground. A connecting board should be installed between 0.3-1.8m and there should be obvious signs. The grounding resistance of the lightning protection device should not be less than 30Ω.

2. The user unit should set up eye-catching instructions and precautions for tourists at the entrance.

3. The grounding form of the low-voltage power distribution system should adopt the TN-S system or the TN-CS system. The incoming line of the machine room should adopt 3 phases and 5 wires, and an equipotential grounding point should be provided beside the control system of the machine room.

4. The operators of water slides and wave-making systems must be trained and assessed by the quality supervision department before they can take up their posts after receiving the relevant operating certificates. The above-mentioned personnel should be in place when they start their business.

5. Safety fences and other effective isolation facilities should be set up around the amusement facilities and on platforms 500mm above the ground. The height of the outdoor safety fence shall not be less than 1100mm, and the height of the safety fence shall not be less than 650mm for indoor children’s entertainment. The gap between the fence and the distance from the ground shall not be greater than 120mm. It should be a vertical fence, and it is not advisable to use horizontal or diagonal sections. When the height of the platform is greater than or equal to 10m, the height of the guardrail shall not be less than 1200mm.

6. Water amusement facilities should be equipped with sufficient life-saving personnel and life-saving equipment. High-level guard posts should be installed in facilities where the water is wide and difficult to observe. Life-saving personnel should be uniformly dressed and easy to identify, and should also be equipped with corresponding contact equipment, communication equipment and life-saving tools.

7. The wave height of the wave-making pool used for public play should not be greater than 1.2m, and the height of the special wave used for surfing should not be greater than 3.0m. The water depth of the wave-making pool is not more than 1.8m, and the slope of the bottom of the pool is not more than 8﹪

8. Each air outlet of the wave-making pool should be equipped with a safety grille, and a safety warning sign should be set above the air outlet, and a flat surface 6m away from the air outlet should be installed The security cordon prevents tourists from entering.

9. The foundation of amusement facilities should be constructed by qualified units and personnel. After the completion of the construction, the inspection and acceptance report will be issued, and the equipment can be installed only after being qualified.

10. The height of the end of the water slide from the water surface should not be greater than 200mm, and the height of the end of the children’s slide from the water surface should not be greater than 50mm. For body slides, the horizontal distance from the side of the outer slide to the pool wall should not be less than 1.5m, and the horizontal distance from the side of the floating ring slide to the side wall of the pool should not be less than 2m.

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