Water play equipment-pirate ship

Water play equipment-pirate ship

The strange-shaped pirate ship, the pirate flag fluttering in the wind, the majestic old captain, standing on the bow, holding a monocular, directing the helmsman, breaking through the waves, invincible, and interpreting the dream of the Caribbean. The image of the pirate ship amusement equipment model is lifelike. The hull is made of high-quality fiberglass material, which is durable and the surface is smooth and shiny by special processing. 

Compared with the previous pirate ships, the pirate ship amusement equipment has the characteristics of being able to walk independently, convenient disassembly and assembly, and labor-saving transportation, which is deeply loved by friends from all walks of life. The experience of riding a pirate ship is as if passengers are on a snowy field, galloping on the ground one after another, sometimes diving, sometimes soaring, thrilling and exciting, it is a unique and unique scenery that is loved in each playground.

Each seat of the pirate ship amusement equipment is equipped with aluminum guardrails and safety belts to strongly ensure the safety of passengers. The bottom of the pirate hull is operated by rollers, which reduces the gravity support of the tripod and makes the equipment run more safely. 

Precautions for the use and riding of water amusement equipment :     

1. Before the equipment is operated, be sure to carefully read the instructions for the children’s amusement equipment, check whether the safety device has malfunctions or hidden dangers, whether the rescue measures are complete, and explain and remind the children.     

2. Children must be accompanied by adults when playing on the pirate ship.     

3. During the operation of the pirate ship, do not remove the protective device halfway, jump away without authorization, or stick your head, hands and feet out of the hull.     

4. Do not ride on the amusement facilities without registration certificate, regular inspection report, and no safety precautions and warning signs.     

5. Try not to use it for young children or children with fear of heights, heart disease, or anemia.


6. When the equipment fails, keep calm, don’t panic, call the police in time, and follow the arrangements of relevant staff to carry out correct rescue.