Water park equipment manufacturers: the water park launched in July

After entering the abbot, the country started the “barbecue” mode, and the water park was full of people. Super loud speakers, paddling pools, swimming pools, rainbow competition slides, water spray sketches, etc. have attracted many tourists. Shenyang Water Park is open to the public, especially in more than a month this year, three water parks have been opened.



In the past few days of high temperature, “Where to go to play in the water for summer vacation” has become a topic of concern to many citizens. Before this year, only one can be near Shenyang splashing water park, there is a wave pool and a large swimming set equipment. In June last year, the Shenbei area also opened an outdoor water world. Every summer, these two water parks are full of feelings. Playing in the water is really like “dumpling”.



On Children’s Day this year, a new water park was opened in a square in Hunnan. At the beginning of July, another water park was opened in Tiexi District, and then on July 18, another water park was opened in Shenyang Guaipo. All three are considered in the children’s water park, mainly by several swimming equipment, kiosk and children’s water slide components. In other words, there are already water parks in the four directions of Shenyang, southeast, northwest.



The water park opened in Zhatui, Shenyang. Because of the high temperature, the water park tickets are also very popular. Businesses are fighting for “hot” money.


Shenyang adds so many water parks a month, wouldn’t there be competition with each other? One person in charge gives a negative answer, because a large amount of Shenyang’s own body, now is the truck all have water park, water park for do not want to run away, family games water tourists. The water world is suitable for tourists such as young people who play large-scale water park projects.


Water park equipment manufacturers analysis, as the market continues to expand, more and more investors want to invest turning water park, Guangzhou blue tide from last year, water park equipment scheduled passenger andmore and more households, especially In this year. Blue Wave will continue to research new products and improve the quality of construction, so that each water park will pay back its costs in one year and make profits in two years.

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