Nanning’s sacred place to cool off the heat–Jiuquwan Water Park

Nanning's sacred place to cool off the heat--Jiuquwan Water Park

Nanning city, known for its dampness and heat, in the summer, walking on the road, wishing to jump into the pool, like dumplings. The hot summer sun is really venomous. As soon as the holiday comes, the heart to go out is immediately beaten back. There are not a few sacred places to cool off in the urban area of Nanning and its surroundings, but there are very few sacred places that can be enjoyed by adults and children . The reason why think so, because the children and adults travel to play requirements and objectives vary given the same, adults want to relax, more children want is to play entertaining, you want both adults and children, the water park is Fuji Choice.


Jiuquwan Water Park, located around Nanning, is a modern and fashionable theme water park integrating participation, viewing, entertainment and fun. Its scale is large and the project should have a mystery that both adults and children love to go. paradise. Park play water park equipment have strange shape of a pirate ship, Buddhism U-shaped waves put pressure swing slides, fun-filled adventure secret passages, more than 20 play Watertown and other baby items specially designed for children.


In addition, it also has a large paddling pool of nearly 6000 square meters, which is especially suitable for the whole family to participate in the play. In order to ensure that visitors can get high quality of the play experience, nine Bay Water Park is also supporting a range of devices, such as a gazebo seating area, clear water and food gallery, reception building and so on, let’s play more than the tour off to pamper.



In 2016, nine Bay Water Park capped oversized sunroof, now fully upgraded to a large sun water playground, high quality leisure entertainment music venues. The park officially opened on the 22nd of last month, and visitors can cool off for a “summer” in advance.


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