How to reduce the risk of investment in water parks?

How to reduce the risk of investment in water parks?

As we all know, there are more and more people investing in and operating water parks, and the competition is getting bigger, so naturally there are certain risks. How to reduce risks is a question that must be considered before investing in and operating water parks. Only by considering comprehensively before investing can investment risks be minimized. Before investing in a water park, funds, site selection, and safety must be considered.

1. Funds are mainly divided into pre-funds and post-funds.

Pre-funds include business license and related business procedures, costs for the construction and purchase of water park equipment, talent recruitment, advertising investment, membership card Class fees and so on. The funds in the later period are mainly the usual sanitation and cleaning expenses, the expenses for maintaining the water park equipment , the subsequent expenses for renewing the equipment, the expenses for staff salaries, and the safety expenses such as water, electricity and fire monitoring.

2. In terms of site selection, the location is particularly important.

One is to combine the local population and consumption level to position the type of water park. Second, the site selection should consider factors such as the flow of people, land prices, government policies, surrounding environment, citizen needs, peer competition, and own funding issues.

3. In terms of safety, you must not cut corners and materials,you must purchase qualified water park equipment, and you need to do regular maintenance and inspections. 

Operation, management, and maintenance staff should undergo strict training and assessment, and obtain qualification certificates issued by the quality and technical supervision administrative department before they can take up their posts. An emergency plan is also required. If there is a sudden power failure during the operation of the equipment, or failure occurs, it can be ensured that there are plans for construction.