How to operate a high-efficiency children’s water park?

How to operate a high-efficiency children's water park?

With the development of the times and the continuous progress of science and technology, people’s ways of thinking have gradually opened up. The investment and entrepreneurship of children’s indoor water parks continues to be popular, and the development prospects are unanimously optimistic. The current market generally believes that “children’s money is the easiest to earn”! Because children nowadays are treasures in the hands of parents, parents will try their best to meet their children’s requirements. However, as the market becomes more and more popular, it will not lose pie in the sky without any thought and energy to operate properly.



So how to operate a high-efficiency children’s water park? The following aspects are provided for your reference:


1. The choice of the city where the children’s water park is located.
Generally speaking, compared with big cities, stores in second and third tier cities are easier to operate. Because there are many shopping malls in big cities, many shopping malls will also have children’s water park projects, so the passenger flow is relatively scattered. Secondly, the rent is very high and the salaries of the sales staff are also high. Even if the business is good, it is not necessarily profitable. On the contrary, in second- and third-tier cities, if the water park is opened more upscale, and it is in a local iconic mall or store, people in the city will know that this children’s water park is fun, and children basically have no other places to choose. of. At the same time, second- and third-tier cities have cheap rents and low labor, but they are much better than big cities.


2. The choice of venues for children’s water parks
usually we recommend department stores, shopping malls or large-scale stores, such as Wanda Plaza, Vientiane City, etc. First of all, these well-known large-scale integrated shopping malls have a huge passenger flow. Worry, secondly, most of these shopping malls have complete children’s formats, which are easy to form a cluster effect; if you choose a community, unless the community is particularly popular and the passenger flow is also guaranteed, this needs investors to measure by themselves in light of the actual local conditions.

The cooperation with shopping malls usually has two methods: rent and joint deduction. If the shopping mall rents are cheap and popular, it is better to do rent. If investors are not sure about the popularity of the mall, then the deduction method will be safer.


3. The choice of brands for children’s water amusement equipment and children’s water parks
At present, the children’s water park market is mixed with different grades. With the improvement of people’s living standards, everyone has higher and higher requirements for the quality of life. High-income groups are willing to put their children in higher-grade children’s water parks. So choosing high-quality children’s amusement equipment is the key. High-quality amusement equipment has a good image and high quality, which can maintain the high-end image of the children’s water park for a long time. You also need to choose a mature brand of children’s water park. Guangzhou Lanchao specializes in the production of water park equipment, and has been recognized and praised by customers based on the water park industry for many years.


4. The operation and management of the indoor children’s water park storefront is
proactive and friendly service quality endows the park with agile vitality, and standardized management ensures the park’s lasting profit. Let the children experience different life roles in the play, can learn and play, entertaining, and join the traditional education concept, we have been moving towards this goal. Children’s laughter and quality education will always be our only pursuit, and will always be our inexhaustible driving force.