Children’s water park equipment will become a “dark horse” in the industry

Children's water park equipment will become a "dark horse" in the industry

With the rapid development of social economy, competition in all walks of life is becoming more and more fierce, and children’s amusement equipment is also increasing. Especially now that the second child era is open, there will be more and more children, so they pursue a level of spiritual enjoyment Will be higher. 

Let Guangzhou Lanchao Water Park Equipment Company talk about the future development trend of children’s amusement equipment for us today!

1. From the perspective of industry development, amusement equipment is currently in the country after years of research and development to produce products, after continuous innovation and new products are also endless, so in terms of sales, children’s amusement equipment is divided into large and small, small amusement equipment because of its The investment cost is less and the floor space is not too large, so it is more flexible to operate. Small amusement equipment must have the largest sales proportion, and the sales of large amusement equipment are slightly lower than that of small amusement equipment. It can be seen that the current development direction of the amusement equipment industry is in children’s amusement equipment.

2. From the perspective of investment cost, the production cost of large-scale amusement equipment is high, and the floor space is relatively large, so the investment cost is naturally high, but the production cost of large-scale amusement equipment for children is moderate, and the floor space is small, and its investment cost Naturally low, so whether in terms of product investment or venue rental investment, large-scale children’s amusement equipment is more suitable for the needs of the current industry development, and its market share and demand rate will surely become the current stage of the amusement equipment industry. development trend.

3. From the perspective of market customer demand, the majority of consumers in the amusement equipment industry on the market are small friends. Among these people, large children’s amusement equipment can give them excitement and fun, and make them Accepted, because large-scale amusement equipment is more exciting to play, but many teenagers still can’t accept the height and running speed of this kind of amusement equipment, and small amusement equipment can’t bring excitement to the slightly larger little ones. So at the moment, large-scale children’s water park equipment just makes up for this shortcoming.