What are the Advantages of Fiberglass Water Park Equipment?

It seems that an increasing number of water park owners prefer fiberglass waterpark equipment to other kinds of aquatic equipment. To figure out the reason, let’s get to know the main four advantages of this unique water park amusement equipment.


One of the outstanding strengths of the fiberglass water slide is that, its inside wall is so smooth that it can offer a more pleasant experience for players.
In terms of smoothness of the internal surface, the roughness coefficient of fiberglass waterpark equipment is about 0.0084, while that of a steel water slide is about 0.013. That is to say, compared with the steel water slide with a same inner diameter, the resistance of fiberglass waterpark equipment is much smaller, which leads to its smoother surface, higher operational efficiency and less operation cost.
Most importantly, visitors can have an immensely satisfying experience with many an exciting and interesting fiberglass water slide.

2.Lightweight and hard

Fiberglass water park equipment is made of a kind of composite material with glass fiber as reinforced material and resin as matrix material. This superior combination contributes to the light weight and the great hardness of this aquatic equipment.
On the one hand, the transportation and the installment of this fiberglass water slide turn out to be so easy and convenient due to its light weight. On the other hand, on account of its great hardness, this kind of amusement equipment can bear more weight of players, which provides a better safety performance.
What’s more, this feature also provides the fiberglass waterpark equipment with long service life.

3.Long lifespan

In addition to the reinforced material and the matrix material, many water park equipment manufacturers also add an anti-aging additive to the fiberglass water slide. To be more specific, that will maintain this kind of equipment’s prolonged luster and great hardness.
Generally speaking, the best water slide produced by qualified manufacturers can have a 12-year service life. Therefore, if you want to purchase the best fiberglass water slide with a well-selected anti-aging additive, you’d better turn to some professional and qualified manufacturers.
As a matter of fact, with 21-year experience and state-of-the-art technology, we, Lanchao group, can be a great option and a trustworthy partner for you.

4.Corrosion resistance

As the reinforced material of fiberglass water slides, glass fiber is an excellent corrosion-resistant material. It has superior resistance to water, acid, alkali, salt and various solvents.
Owing to the remarkable characteristics, this material gradually takes the place of carbon steel, stainless steel and wood in some industries. That’s why lots of water park owners prefer to pick fiberglass waterpark equipment rather than choose other equipment made of other materials.
Moreover, according to some research, the fiberglass water slide can play an essential role in addressing issues of microorganisms in the water. No wonder fiberglass water slides are widely recognized and highly popularized in worldwide water parks.

Based on the information we list above, you can easily find out the reason why fiberglass waterpark equipment has become a real hit in the water park industry recently. Hence, if you want to purchase new and best water slides for your water park, fiberglass one can be a smart choice.

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