The development of water amusement equipment is closely linked to innovative design

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, people have a higher level of pursuit of entertainment. Water amusement equipment is more and more sought after and valued by people, and there are many water amusement equipment . Nowadays, water amusement equipment, The degree of homogeneity has become more and more, and the difference of products has become less. Therefore, innovation is becoming more and more important to the development of water amusement equipment. Want to do better than others, then creative products appear to be more in line with the market.

Innovate through the old, and only by following the innovative footsteps of the era can it develop rapidly in the big era, get rid of the unreasonable parts, make it more perfect, and bring people a better experience. Only in the new era can water amusement equipment be better and more popular. The innovation requirements of water amusement equipment not only refer to the innovation of water amusement equipment, but also continuously promote management innovation, technological innovation, institutional innovation, operational innovation, cultural innovation, and so on.

At present, the main water amusement equipment in the market is equipped with water spraying pencils, water crocodile, elephant slide, frog slide, apple house, water seesaw, water flower vine, water sea horse, water sunflower, water spray whale, Water spraying carp, water spraying flower buds, rain mushrooms, water spraying shells, water spraying sunflowers, water guns, water spraying snails, water spraying three water jets, and rainbow slides have been nearly homogenized, and their market competitiveness has gradually weakened.


The development of water amusement equipment can be innovative in terms of children’s water amusement equipment, and it can also be innovated in operating methods. It is best to choose some popular cartoon characters or classic images to combine the two together. By digging deeply into the social and individual manifestations carried by the cultural image, children can feel a novel and happy experience during the amusement process. .


A water park as big as chimelong will update some very creative water amusement equipment every year and launch different themes to attract tourists to play every year. As a large-scale water amusement equipment manufacturer, guangzhou Lanchao will launch new products every year to meet market demand and strive for steady progress.