Nantong seizes uninspected water amusement facilities

With the advent of summer vacation and the hot weather, water entertainment has become a choice for citizens to take vacation and cool off the heat, and large-scale water amusement projects are even more popular with many children. In order to ensure the safety of citizens and effectively prevent safety accidents in amusement facilities, a few days ago, the special section of chongchuan city market supervision bureau, together with law enforcement officers of xinqiao branch, conducted an investigation on a large water park located near the youth middle road sports park in the urban area. The amusement facilities have been supervised and inspected.

During the inspection, law enforcement officers found that the three large amusement facilities in the water park had potential safety hazards that had not been inspected over time. Law enforcement officers immediately issued a special equipment inspection instruction, requiring the business unit to immediately stop using the water amusement facilities in use that have not been inspected and apply for inspection within the specified time. At the same time, the used amusement facilities were sealed on the spot to avoid safety The occurrence of hidden dangers.