Key points of water park planning and design

Water park planning and design is a very hot topic. As a professional water park equipment company, huangzhou lanchao also pays attention to this aspect. Let’s talk about the key points of water park planning and design .

1. Planning and design of different areas.

Generally speaking, the main passenger flow in the park of the water park is concentrated in the center of the park, because there are many other water amusement facilities, and it is also an area where many young couples concentrate on amusement. There are also some elderly people in the park. Bringing children with young parents. On the one hand, these tourists are not as strong and energetic as young people. Moreover, it is not convenient for them to enter the water. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish the children’s pool from the central amusement area and set aside a suitable one. space.

2. Planning and design of the gourmet area.

The gourmet area is very necessary in the planning and design of the water park, and the number can be distributed in more points, and the range should be as wide as possible, which is convenient for tourists to buy and eat. The gourmet area is also equivalent to a rest area. There are other rest facilities, and there are also food waste management issues that must be considered. Each point should have a trash bin and clean it in time to maintain environmental sanitation and ensure that this area cannot pollute the water in the scenic area.

3. The planning and design of service facilities.

The shower room should have doors or curtains to fully protect the privacy of tourists and avoid embarrassment. The comfort of the tourists’ experience is the most important factor in determining whether they will consume again.

4. Safety operation planning and design.

Safety is the top priority in the operation of the water park. If an accident occurs, it will affect the normal operation of the park for a long time. Investors must pay enough attention to this issue and eliminate all safety. Hidden dangers, check before opening every day to ensure zero accidents during the operation period. Especially in the three months of june, july and august each year, it is the peak period of tourists and accidents are most likely to occur. Therefore, when planning and designing the park, the setting of rescue passages must also be taken into account, and during the operation period, the passages must not be affected by any accidents. The cause is blocked, so that in case of emergency or accident, tourists can be cleared or rescued in time.

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