How to match equipment with small and medium water amusement facilities

Why has the number of manufacturers of water park equipment increased by n times in recent years? Since the successful opening of large-scale water park projects in china, many small and medium-sized water parks have sprung up like bamboo shoots after the rain. Large-scale water park equipment is like water slides. The scope of the large-scale amusement equipment is that the designed maximum linear speed is greater than or equal to 2m/s, or the operating altitude distance is greater than or equal to 2m, which requires special equipment to produce and install. . Therefore, many small and medium water parks cleverly avoided large water slides and started with the equipment of small and medium water parks. So what is a water amusement facility? What kind of water amusement facilities can be equipped with small and medium water parks ?

Water amusement facilities are supporting water amusement facilities used in water parks. Its investment advantages are short payback period and long operating time. We went to a water park. Now it is the peak period of water park operations, and it basically shows a “popular sea of people”. It seems that under normal operating conditions, the cost can be recovered in one operating season, and it will enter the highly profitable stage in the second year. There are also some individual water parks with very good operating conditions, which can achieve cost recovery and profitability after the first year of operation.

How can the water park remain profitable? The water park that has always been in a state of not returning to its original state has a direct relationship with its investment planning and operation plan. As a new industry, water parks, investors are willing to invest in the water park industry under the premise of seeing huge benefits.

So what kind of water amusement facilities can the water park be equipped with? Guangzhou lanchao water park equipment co., Ltd. can make water park equipment plans based on the size of the water park and the investment budget. The following equipments are generally required for reference.

1. Artificial wave-making equipment.

Artificial wave-making equipment is a kind of water amusement facility that can produce simulated real waves. It can basically be said to be the standard configuration of water parks. If the site area is greater than 1,000 square meters, priority can be given. This kind of equipment can gather a lot of popularity, bring unexpected gains to the project, and it is a money-making weapon for the water park.

2. Children’s Water House Water Village water.

Village has always been the core product of the water park, with novel and unique shapes, bright colors and outstanding themes. It can be combined with water slides and water spray buckets to bring children the greatest amusement interest.

3. Water slides.

 The water slides in the water park are most popular with children and children. The water slides are placed on the surface of the water, from climbing to heights and then sliding down into the pool, attracting many children to come and play. No, it is also a project that brings major revenue to the water park.

4. Water play skit. 

The water play skit is ever-changing, with different shapes, the visual effects are pleasing to the eye from a distance, and adults and children play close to each other. Increased the good time between parents and children. If we go back in time, we also hope that we can play in the water park with our parents.

The above are the water amusement facilities commonly used in water parks. As a manufacturer, lanchao is specialized in the design, development, production and sales of water park equipment, water amusement equipment and amusement park equipment, water park construction, and water park operations. Service as a whole, all investors are welcome to visit our factory.