How to choose a water park equipment manufacturer?

Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, China’s economy, society, and people’s lives have undergone tremendous changes. With the development of the economy, people’s living standards have also been continuously improved, and people’s material needs have gradually decreased , and their spiritual life the demand has increased, so people will choose to travel to relax, hot summer, a large majority of hydrophilic enthusiastic, and want to have some fun water play equipment, water park project should be shipped born, she gave birth to a lot of big size Small water park equipment manufacturer.
As an investor, when cooperating with water park equipment manufacturers, it is necessary to examine their qualifications and strengths . 

So, how should we examine its qualifications and strength?

1. Review the business license

business license is the basic qualification of water park equipment supplier, has a valid business license consistent with the scope of business according to business is a legitimate business. Generally speaking, water park equipment suppliers are divided into four categories: one is the production of water park equipment, which has a practical base, and provides operation guidance programs. This category is a professional supplier of production and operation ; the other is only the production of water park equipment, and does not provide operational mentoring program, these belong to the production of professional supply business; the third is not only sourcing of production equipment from other manufacturers, providing marketing programs, such packaging belong to marketing public Division; fourth is the intermediary person or company, is selling intermediary. It is recommended to choose a professional water park equipment supplier who has a practical base to produce water park equipment and can provide planning, construction and operation suggestions.

2. Investigate its customer resources and cases.

When choosing a water park equipment manufacturer , choose a supplier with many customer cases, wide customer areas, and long-term sales . These suppliers have accumulated rich experience in business management waterpark, not only for the investment to provide good quality products are equipment, but also combined with the specific needs of customers, to develop a reasonable project planning side case, and help customers develop more profitable point, Improve the overall competitiveness of the project. Such investment business only to have strong security and long-term development.

3. Is there a double certificate? 

At present, many water park equipment suppliers seem to follow the trend. Seeing that this is popular, they will do this. However, they have no experience in this industry. Of course, it is impossible to apply for the qualification immediately. There is a great risk. and security full of, will bring a lot of unnecessary trouble to the post. The acceptance, approval and issuance of qualifications for all special equipment are implemented by the provincial quality and technical supervision department, which is strictly in accordance with national laws and regulations.Regular. Water park equipment suppliers are two documents: the “special equipment production license” and “special set equipment installation maintenance permit” Therefore, investors in the choice of water park equipment suppliers time to carefully review these documents did not complete the .