Guangzhou lanchao Water Park wave-making equipment takes you to understand the steps of water pressure wave making

Guangzhou lanchao Water Park wave-making equipment takes you to understand the steps of water pressure wave making

Wave making is a way of entertainment and leisure, and going to the wave pool is becoming a fashion that integrates affection, romance and joy. For investors, there is a market where there is demand, and a wave of construction boom is being set off across the country. Artificial wave-making is always the most eye-catching and shining point of water amusement. Swimming in the wave-making pool, whether it is breaking waves or rough waves, makes people want to plunge into the embrace of the sea. Attracting tourists with the feeling of the sea is indeed the best idea.

Guangzhou lanchao Water Park Equipment co., ltd. Take you through the steps of making the water pressure waves:

1. Fill the reservoir water level of the circulatory system;

2. Hydraulic chamber replenishment, electronic control system sends a signal to supply water gate lifting mechanism, electric hoist open Water replenishment gate mechanism, the reservoir starts to be filled with hydraulic water. After the water level reaches the pre-selected water pressure level control measuring point, the measuring point will signal to the water replenishment gate lifting mechanism, and the electric hoist closes the water replenishment gate;

3. The water body is released and the water replenishment gate is closed. After that, the electronic control system sends a signal to the hydraulic release gate mechanism, and the hydraulic cylinder system opens the release gate mechanism. 6-9M high water pours into the wave pool from the hydraulic chamber to form a giant wave valley. 

4. A few seconds after the gate mechanism is opened, the system instructs the gate mechanism to close;

5. Repeat the working conditions (2), (3), (4) to form the next wave;

6. Change the frequency and water pressure chamber released by each unit the water level can change the size and shape of the waves. There are many types of waves, but considering the practicability, the size of the pool, and the attenuation of the waves in the pool, generally 2-4 types of waves are appropriate. Vacuum type, hydraulic type wave generator {wave height up to 2-3 meters) Advantages: majestic, low noise (recommended to be used with pneumatic type) disadvantages: complex structure, high cost, strengthen security measures, wave frequency low (2-20 minutes) the higher the frequency, the higher the cost.

Rules and regulations for daily Inspection and repair of water amusement equipment

1. When inspecting and repairing the equipment, the maintenance personnel must at least two people work together;

2. The maintenance personnel shall inform the equipment operators in advance before inspecting the equipment daily, and take the The switch key of the lower console is temporarily kept by the maintenance personnel, and the key is returned to the operator for a test run after the equipment inspection is completed. If it is necessary to check the equipment with power on or require the cooperation of the operating personnel, a maintenance personnel should be monitored in the operating room.