Wave Pool

Vacuum wave

Vacuum wave is also called Tsunami wave.
Combined with artificial beach, in the joy of the water world, the city, feel the sand, the sun, the waves comfortable. artificial wave advantage lies in the area design flexibility, intelligent operation, easy management, low noise, good continuity of the waves and so on.
1. The size can be customized according to the space of water park;
2. It is indespensable leisure project
3. Large tourist capacity, suitable for family tourist, teenagers and adults;
4. With artificial beach and seaside scenery.
5. A powerful wave, more fun and excited.
Product Name
Vacuum Wave (Tsunami Wave)
Wave Pool Depth
Wave Height
Wave Length
5-15 meters, 3 – 5 min each time
Pool Area

wave pool construction,wave pool equipment, wave pool machine include wave machine, air compressor, air tube, electric control box, etc. Wave pool works continuously through the blower machine. It blows the airflow to a closed storage to make the valve open when the pressure reaches a certain value, then will be squeezed out of the water to be waves through high pressure. Wave pool is the soul in a water park, the shape of waves will be up to 10 types, which matches with a realistic-looking man-made beach. People will get an exciting and unique experience of beach life which is distinguished from ordinary busy city life!
Minimum size: 300-400 square meters.

Blower wave

Blower wave is also called Pneumatic wave,wind-induced wave.

Compared to the Vacuum pool, the wave is a little gentle, giving people a feeling of the waves making a beach! It is done by blowing waves! The air is constantly filled with air in a confined space when closed by a blower. When the space reaches a certain air pressure, the gate is opened momentarily, and the air flow pushes the water to form the waves. Waves can reach 0.5-1.8m!

Serial Number
Pool Dimension
Equipment Quantity
300 – 800 m2
50 – 100 person
1 – 2 set
1000 – 1800 m2
120 – 180 person
3 set
2000 – 3000 m2
200 – 500 person
4 – 5 set

Compare two different artificial wave making equipment

Wave-Making Is A Way Of Leisure And Entertainment, And Going To The Wave-Making Pool Is Becoming A Fashion That Combines Family Affection, Romance And Joy. For Investors, Demand Is The Market, And A Wave Of Construction Boom Is Being Set Off Across The Country. Artificial Wave Making Is Always The Most Shining Point Of Attention In Water Amusement . Swimming In The Wave Pool, Whether It Is Breaking Waves Or Rough Waves, Gives People The Pleasure Of Throwing Themselves Into The Embrace Of The Sea. Attracting Tourists With The Feeling Of The Sea Is Really A Great Idea.

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Vacuum artificial wave making equipment-tsunami pool

Vacuum wave making is also known as tsunami wave making. The force sensor system collects vacuum and instantly controls the opening of the vacuum raft door to make waves. It can create continuous waves of 1.5 meters and huge waves of up to 3 meters. The area of ​​the vacuum wave pool is generally between 5,000 and 20,000 square meters, which can accommodate thousands of people at a time. Suddenly, huge waves are coming, crazy and spectacular. The scene was breathtaking, and even onlookers felt the excitement.

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The basic principle of artificial wave making in water park equipment

The basic principle of artificial wave making in water park equipment In summer, all parts of the country are shrouded in intense heat. On one side is the raging sun, on the other side is the clear and cool pool, which has become a beautiful landscape in summer time. Pool Azeri save action scenes bursting, as this summer’s

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Water park equipment and wave pool tourist notice

Water park equipment and wave pool tourist notice The area of the wave pool for water park equipment varies, depending on customer needs and site conditions, ranging from a few hundred square meters to as large as tens of thousands of square meters. It is one of the indispensable facilities in the water park and also in the

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