Lanchao water park: Water slide design for water park design

Lanchao water park: Water slide design for water park design

Water park design includes a wide range of categories. For water park investors, lanchao water park design focuses on planning and design, which is the overall layout of the water park, including parking lots, reception buildings, and changing buildings other than the water park equipment. ; For water park equipment manufacturers, in addition to the overall planning and layout of the water park, there are also designs for water slides, water villages, wave pools, wave pools, and circulation rivers. This chapter mainly explains the design of water slides.

There are many types of water slides, and the design is also more complicated. It can be roughly divided into several directions: structural design, combination design, and appearance design.

1. Structural design

Structural design refers to the overall structure of the water slide, the design of the sliding process, the accurate calculation of load-bearing, gravity, and speed. Because large-scale amusement facilities involve operational safety, they are designated as special equipment. Manufacturers producing large-scale water park equipment require qualification certification from relevant departments;

2. Appearance design

In addition to safety, water park equipment also needs to be designed for appearance. After all, it is a place for fun and play. It is good-looking and fun with super-color, fragrance, and attractive to attract tourists. The appearance design of the water slide is mainly the design of shape and color, which is designed based on the theme of the water park and the local customs.

3. combination design

Regardless of the size of the water slide, it can be combined into a more fun slide according to the size of the site and the needs of tourists. For example, a small horn and a slide form the Valley of Storms, a giant beast bowl and a u-shaped wave pendulum (also known as a space shuttle), and the exterior design is added after the combination, so that the exterior is both good-looking and can make tourists enjoy it. For example, the Cobra Slide and Stormwind Valley are one of the most classic cases.